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50 Well Read Librarian Blogs

Friar's Balsam50 Well-Read Librarian Blogs
Our 50 Well Read Librarian Blogs offer an inside look at the inner workings of libraries. Many of our posts are written by librarians in the business or information technology graduates who are interested in updating library services for the 21st century. They are informative, well written, unique, and often funny. Our top blogs offer an inside look at such items as library technology, a day in the life of a librarian, issues and conflicts within the organization, and much, much more. These are the best of the best.

Top Five Jessamyn is a librarian who works in rural Vermont. She is a library technologist who offers articles on a wide variety of library related issues.
◦Why We Love It: This site has been around since 1999 and is a favorite of many readers and leaders in the library profession. Who are we to argue with them?
◦Favorite Post: Privacy and library data: email, IPs and &c.
2.Information Wants to be Free: Blogger Meredith is an adjunct member at San Jose State University's School of Library and Information Science. She writes about the tools librarians use to help serve their patrons.
◦Why We Love It: The blog posts are well written, enjoyable to read, and lengthy. It covers a variety of topics within the field and it does so with wit and grace -- this is a great site for librarians and students alike.
◦Favorite Post: Ebooks and Libraries: A Stream of Concerns
3.Stephen's Lighthouse: Stephen's Lighthouse helps to illuminate library industry trends and new advances in innovation. The blogger writes from a perspective of true knowledge, as he has visited over a hundred libraries in many different countries throughout his life.
◦Why We Love It: This is an intelligent site that offers great information on library services, trends, innovation, technology, and everything in between.
◦Favorite Post: Books are Our Brand? Wish they weren’t . . .
4.Free Range Librarian: Free Range Librarian offers insight into librarianship, writing, and everything in between. The blogger is a director of the Cushing Library at Holy Names University in Oakland, California.
◦Why We Love It: This is just a great site for those looking to learn a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes of a library.
◦Favorite Post: Slowly, slowly run, o horses of the night
5.Annoyed Librarian: The Annoyed Librarian offers scathing musings on libraries and everything else in this hard-hitting blog. It's tag line is "Fighting Libraries in Oakland," but it offers much more in the way of content as well.
◦Why We Love It: This is something different. You feel it the first time you look at the excerpts of articles on the site. The writer has a voice, a belief system, and they aren't going to compromise for anyone.
◦Favorite Post: Five Ways Lady Gaga is Not a Librarian
The Rest of the Best
•A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette: A Librarian's Guide to Etiquette has a tag line that states a polite librarian is a good librarian. It actually just offers funny advice for overstressed librarians to get a good laugh out of.
•Academic Librarian: The Academic Librarian blog offers topics on libraries, history, rhetoric, poetry, philosophy, and more from a philosophy and religion librarian at Princeton University.
•ACRLog: ACRLog is a blog dedicated to providing information from (and for) academic and research librarians. This is a well-run site with a load of information and detailed postings to boot.
•Alice in InfoLand: Blogger Alice writes about both the reality and illusion within the realms of school and library life. She also takes a look at 21st century information distribution as well.
•Book Frontiers: Lydia is a librarian who reviews books on her blog. Her blog is all about literature that she comes across as a school librarian.
•Bowllan's Blog: Bowllan's Blog is a part of the larger School Library Journal website. Many of the posts involve ways in which books can help educate the masses to become better people.
•Closed Stacks: The Closed Stacks blog is a collaborative website written by a variety of different librarians. It's meant to entertain, educate, and enlighten its readers.
•Cool Librarian: The blog covers such topics as search engines, databases, directories, and other such library-related topics she loves to blog about on her site.
•David Lee King: The blogger offers insight into library websites and digital technology in this interesting blog. He covers management, marketing, planning, and much else.
•DIY Librarian: DIY Librarian offers a variety of posts about librarianship and other related topics. Stories include dogs in libraries, conferences, a day in the life of a library day, and much more.
•Eclectic Librarian: Blogger Anna is a university librarian who offers insight into serials, database cataloging, and electronic resources within libraries, among many other topics.
•Hey Jude: Blogger Judy is on the editorial board for School Libraries Worldwide. She writes about school and library-related issues on her blog.
•iLibrarian: The blog contains information on topics such as design, simplifying cataloging, marketing, e-books, library data, and much more.
•In the Library with the Leadpipe: In the Library with the Leadpipe offers some lengthy, funny, and witty commentary on things related to librarianship. This is a solid site.
•Judge a Book by its Cover: Judge a Book by its Cover offers some hilarious articles and pictures that have to do with book covers. The blogger worked in library services for many years and uses this knowledge to create a great website on truly bad book covers.
•Law Librarian Blog: A blog about the intersection of information services and the law. For those law-minded individuals, this is a great site for information on congressional bills, libraries, jobs, and news.
•Librarian Avengers: Librarian Avengers comes from Erica, a librarian who holds a master's in information science. She offers articles on a variety of topics on librarianship and beyond.
•Librarian By Day: This blog is all about libraries coming into the 21st century intact, more technologically advanced, and better for it.
•Librarianing: The blogger is a project coordinator and virtual reference librarian for a nonprofit organization. She offers some crazy posts on the subject matter.
•Librarians are Weird: "Librarians are weird, but in a good way" is the tag line for this blog. The main focal points of the site are usually video/film/television related, such as topics on reviews and media literacy.
•Librarians Matter: Blogger Kathryn offers up an all-encompassing blog that deals with libraries, technology, being a mother, and everything and anything in between.
•LISNews: LISNews offers stories on everything relating to libraries, librarians, and technology. This is an all-encompassing site for those interested in the subject matter all the way up to those working in the profession.
•Love the Liberry: Blogger Amy offers pretty crazy stories about being a librarian in this blog. This is a funny and witty spot for those looking to see what a day in the life actually feels like.
•Peter Scott's Library Blog: Peter Scott's Library Blog gives information on new technologies in library services, writing, librarian surveys, and much more.
•Planet Cataloging: Planet Cataloging is all about cataloging and metadata and is maintained by two bloggers. If you're into that kind of stuff, this site is definitely for you.
•Practically Paradise: Practically Paradise offers insights into being a librarian, library services, and much more in this small yet informative blog.
•School Librarian in Action: The blogger is a school librarian, teacher, writer, and literacy advocate. School Librarian in Action offers topics on digital story telling, young adult novels, librarian conferences, and much more.
•Tame the Web: Tame the Web offers musings on libraries, technology, and people. It comes from a blogger who is an assistant professor in library and information science at San Jose State University.
•The Batty Librarian: The blogger is a library manager currently working and residing in England. She writes posts for the information professional.
•The Blah, Blah, Blah Blog: The Blah, Blah, Blah Blog offers insight into library services. Topics include how to deal with conflict, technology conferences, library workforce, book repair, and many, many more.
•The Days and Nights of the Lipstick Librarian: The Days and Nights of the Lipstick Librarian definitely has its own voice. There's some great information here on being a librarian, and many of the posts are funny and feel like they were written from the heart.
•The Digital Librarian: The blog gives musings on the intersection between library services and technology.
•The Food Librarian: The Food Librarian offers posts from a librarian who moonlights as a chef by night. There are recipes galore here!
•The Laughing Librarian: The Laughing Librarian offers tidbits and stories about librarians and the like with a humorous slant to them. It's a bold site that offers some great humor for its readers.
•The Original Library Trading Cards: The Original Library Trading Cards offers a site for librarians. It's actually a great place to go to see the different types of librarians and what they do each day at work.
•The Shifted Librarian: Blogger Jenny writes about making libraries "more portable." She delves into information technology and ways in which people can get books and such information more quickly and easier.
•The Society for Librarians* Who Say "&#(^@$*#&*@#": While this site does contain some adult language, it's an interesting spot for library workers, specialists, technicians, students, interested parties, and more to learn about the field.
•The Travelin' Librarian: The Travelin' Librarian offers blog posts from a technology innovation librarian for the Nebraska Library Commission. For more than 15 years, he's trained librarians in technology, and this knowledge comes through in his blog.
•The Unquiet Librarian: Blogger Buffy offers insight into what it's like to be a modern school librarian. There are some really interesting articles here.
•Thoughts of a [wannabe] librarian…: The blog offers musings on how to become a librarian. There's more content here, as well, with technology issues and library services as main focal points of the blog.
•Unshelved: The blog offers a weekly comic strip and covers library-related issues as well. There are book reviews offered, too.
•Uol Library Blog: The Uol Library Blog provides information on staff and the goings on of the University of Leicester Library. It's become a place, though, for workers and those interested in library services to go to get their fill of the day's news.
•Virtual Dave...Real Blog: The blogger is a professor at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies. He covers issues within the spectrum of librarianship and technology for the reader.
•Walt at Random: Blogger Walt is a librarian who's been active in the field for much of his life. He calls his blog the library voice of the radical middle, and it fits that description aptly.
•Yalibrarian: Yalibrarian offers articles on library jobs, public libraries, online libraries, librarians, and much else in this small yet informative blog.

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